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Elisa Gaito Openspace, at Via Marcona 3 in Milan, is a flexible and highly customisable space.

A container offering a perfect organisation and all accessory services such as lights, audio and catering facilities. It is located in the most exclusive central district of Milan, close to the fashion quarter, easily reachable from the highway, the airport and the Fiera.

A space and opportunity perfectly qualified for exhibitions, happenings, vernissages, presentations and fashion shows.

Extending over a surface area of 900 square metres on the ground floor, Elisa Gaito Showroom is a modern and multi-functional space which is now opening up to the people who counts and anyone who wants to make its own print on it.

Some of Elisa Gaito Openspace events:
- Clinique
- Alain Mikli
- Pringle of Scotland
- Simacev
- Byblos


Elisa Gaito Showroom is a fashion agency counting more than 20 years of rich and varied experience, seated in a 900 mq space in the centre of Milano. A newly refurbished industrial space of the early Twentieth century, where several important brands, such as Joseph, Alessandro dell’Acqua, Luella, Capucci, Kenzo, Jimmy Choo, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Paco Rabanne and many others, have been launched.

The concept beneath this success is to offer to buyers some sought after brands not necessarily famous but with a strong style content and with a selected and exclusive distribution. More than 20 distinctive collections are represented, all distributed to the world’s best boutiques and department stores. Every season more than 800 selected Italian and International buyers visit the showroom not only to buy, but also to discover new collection of the fashion panorama. On the other hand a perfect platform is offered to International designers to entry the European market, creating the best exhibition-support  and promotion with an experienced team dedicated to launch them at best.

Elisa Gaito has an intuitive understanding of the market demand and the power to set trends. The love and the passion for this mission are the core energies, which feed her success together with a commitment of continuity for all the brands she adopts. All these elements contribute to built a strong and faithful network of Customers and Companies, among the most popular. The list of Partners is distinctive, International and always in Progress…

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How to get there:
Tram Lines: 9, 23, 12, 27
Bus lines: 60, 73
Metro: MM1 Porta Venezia - MM2 Porta Romana
Airport: Milano Linate
Taxi phone numbers: 02-6969 02-4040 02-8585
Parking: via Marcona, 7
  • ELISA GAITO Showroom
    Via Marcona, 3 - 20129 Milan - Italy
    Ph: +39 02-54090201
    Fx: +39 02-5513675

    Corso Italia, 30 - Florence - Italy
    Ph: +39 055-2608820
    Fx: +39 055-2647570

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