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 Paloma Vázquez de Castro co-founded the brand Hoss Intropia back in 1994, where she developed all her creativity and talent until 2016.

There is no single word to define Paloma’s special sensitivity and innate talent. 

Her universe is full of art from different cultures. 

All of this, together with a vast experience, is reflected in unique pieces in shape, volume and colours that breathe a perfect combination between a modern style and sophistication.


  • Paul, Amsterdam
  • Le Bonne Marche, Paris
  • Quaglia, Zurigo
  • Mimma Ninni, Bari
  • Dolci Trame, Siena
  • Musa, Gothenburg
  • Babylon Bus, Prato
  • Victoire, Paris
  • Mari, Bologna
  • San Babila, San Paolo

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