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Psophía was born from the decision to create a brand of its own rather than carry other people’s records.

Quality, sophistication and exclusivity that do not make Psophía an unaffordable luxury.
Psophía collections are not designed for large mass consumption, but instead directed at an immense minority of women who are tired of that “trend” of using and throwing that fills wardrobes with clothes that, deep down, nobody likes.

Psophía proposes a return to pieces that count for something by themselves and that transmit a dedication and a skilled tradition, away from those gigantic gears whose products die the day after they go on the market. Psophía creates unique pieces for unique women.


  • Mimma Ninni, Bari
  • Dolci Trame, Siena
  • Musa, Gothenburg
  • Babylon Bus, Prato
  • Victoire, Paris
  • Mari, Bologna
  • San Babila, San Paolo

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